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    Eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, and under-eye bags. Say goodbye to the tell-tale signs of aging and recapture the vitality of youthful skin!

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    One application is all it takes to begin to recapture your beautiful skin. Simply apply, and in only 10-15 minutes, you will be well on your way to the skin you've always wanted!

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    Marvel at the amazing transformation from aging and sagging to firmer and smoother skin. Make your skin the best it can be!

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All it takes is 10 minutes to take up to 10 years off your appearance! It's fast, fun, easy, and it feels great!

It’s like having your very own secret time machine!



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Purple Tea Face Mask

Not just great for your skin, it’s also great for our planet and all its creatures too!

Purple Tea Skincare uses only the best natural ingredients that are proven to deliver results. We never use dyes, artificial coloring, or fragrances. Essential oils and plant extracts are used to give the product its fantastic aroma. All preservatives are essential oils, plant-derived, or FDA approved safe ingredients.

Only the purest ingredients go into Purple Tea Skincare. No unpleasant animal parts or byproducts!

We believe that you don’t have to harm or torture our furry friends to make a great product. We’re betting that you agree!

Many other companies use parabens as preservatives in their cosmetics. Purple Tea Skincare uses only preservatives that are essential oils, plant-derived, or safe FDA approved ingredients.

Fantastic for oily skin, it also works brilliantly on all other types as well! Truly, people of all ages and skin types can greatly benefit from Purple Tea Skincare!

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What makes Purple Tea

Face Mask So Unique?

The Purple Tea plant is loaded with nourishing properties inherent in its very leaves. The amazing benefits are so overwhelming that we chose to craft our products using Purple Tea as the star ingredient.

By honing and maximizing the incredible benefits of anthocyanin, polyphenols, and botanical stem cells, Purple Tea Face Mask is the most potent and effective mask available! It tightens! It tones! And you’ll also enjoy increased collagen production to aid your body to naturally fight the signs of aging!

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    Three times the benefits of green tea. It is loaded with polyphenols and anthocyanin.

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    Polyphenols fights against free radicals that cause cellular damage. When used directly on the skin, it helps reduce inflammation.

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    Anthocyanin helps prevent cancer, cognitive issues, cardiovascular disease. It naturally does this while adding to Polyphenol’s ability to the soothing inflammation fight free radicals.

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    Contains a highly unique polyphenol called GHG, which has been shown to promote weight loss, as well as aid in the regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol!

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    GHG has been shown to have a penetrative quality...reaching areas of the body not traditionally reachable by antioxidants. Particularly, the blood brain barrier, the prostate, and the deep layers of the dermis (the skin), have always been a challenge for antioxidant efficacy. Well, Purple Tea to the rescue!


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You Have Real Problems;
We Have an Instant Solution!

Purple Tea Face Mask

You need to make a great impression. You need to look your absolute best for the meeting or that party that's coming up tonight. However, you've been so busy lately. You feel run down and you look it too! When you see yourself in the mirror, all you can notice are the wrinkles, lines, saggy skin, and baggy eyes' staring back at you.

Thankfully, you thought ahead and recently bought your very own Purple Tea Face Mask. You smile, knowing that all you need is 10 minutes to look 10 years younger!

You're going to be the star of the event; everyone will be talking about how fantastic, smooth, firm, and young your skin looks!

More Than Skin Deep

Your skin has many layers, and all of them need to be healthy if you are to have great-looking skin. Purple Tea Face Mask delivers vital nutrients and moisture to every layer of your skin!

Truly One of Kind

In addition to the anthocyanin and polyphenols in Purple Tea, we also utilize a rare and beneficial ingredient, Alpine rose stem cells. They are known to fight the signs of aging skin by improving the skin’s vitality and strengthening its barrier. Experience for yourself the perfect combination of powerful, natural ingredients that turn back the ravages of time!

Immediate Benefits that Get Better!

While you will see immediate results after using Purple Tea Face Mask for the very first time, you will also enjoy cumulative effects with prolonged use. Finally, you can look forward to seeing yourself in the mirror because the more you use it, the better your results!

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